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Q: Why shouldn’t I just plead guilty?
A: To avoid points, fines, court costs and other fees, keep your insurance rates low and preserve your privilege to drive.  Also, Texas law imposes fees charged to drivers with 6 or more points.

Q: What if I am guilty as charged?
A: You should still fight your case because the state must prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt, and you are presumed to be innocent.  Many times we win cases because

the State cannot meet its burden, and our clients are found to be “not guilty” because of the presumption of innocence.  Other times we work out favorable deals for our clients.  So let us fight for you!

Q: What if I do not answer my ticket?
A: A warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Q: Will a trial be required?
A: If the State does not dismiss your case or offer a deal that you find satisfactory, we will take your traffic case to trial at no additional charge.

Q: How long do points last on my record?
A: Points last for 3 years from the date of the offense.

Q: Can we help professional drivers?
A: Definitely.  In fact, many clients are professional drivers.
I have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), can I do a deferred adjudication, probation, defensive driving course or driving safety course?  No.  Commercial drivers cannot get a case dismissed by taking a probation, deferred adjudication or defensive driving course in the State of Texas.  We will fight to get your moving violations dismissed or take the case to trial.